The Holy month of Ramazan is a month of worship and harmony for Muslims around the world.

But for Hazaras it’s has been the month of Sorrow and mourning of loosing loved ones in Afghanistan.  

In the Last year’s Ramazan, on May 8th 2021, over 100 Hazara female students were killed and 100+ injured.

On April 19-2022, Same, type of attack targeted at Hazara Students in the same Hazara residential area of Dasht-e-Barchi Kabul killing 126 Students ( 53 boys & 73 girls ) and 73 injuries ( 27 girl & 47 boys).

On April 21, 2022, Hazara mosques were blown in the Citiy of Mazar Sharif killing over 40 and wounded 90 people.

No matter which government rules Afghanistan, Hazaras must endure casualties, sufferings and tragedies.

Peace-loving Hazaras are being tagged simply for their passion for education, and religious believes. And having distinct Asian facial features make them being stand out and recognized easily.