Announcement on Vancouver Protest Again Hazara Genocide October 2022

#StopHazaraGenocide Event Happening in Vancouver.

Sadly the Hazara genocidal killing volume has increased significantly since last summer when Talibal took control of Afghanistan.

The most recent hearth breaking brutal attack happened on Kaaj Education center in Western Kabul in a Hazara Residential neighborhood killing teenage school students mostly girls age 14-18.

There are many evidence that the Taliban are behind Hazara killings.

To raise our voices and awareness ;

We, The Hazara diaspora in Greater Vancouver Canada are holding a peaceful protest against Hazara Genocide in Afghanistan this coming Saturday October 8th.

time : Saturday October 8th @ 2-4 PM

location: Infront of Vancouver Art Gallery at Georgia st side in Downtown Vancouver

Please join us if you can..

Here is the summary of Hazara’s genocide since last year .

30-Sept-2022 Kaaj educational center west Kabul, Killed at least 53 and injured 100 +

06-Aug-2022 Bomb explosion in the Pol-e-Sokhta area of West Kabul. killed 13 civilians and injured 27 others.

05-Aug-2022 Bomb explosion in the Sar-e-Karez area of West Kabul. killed 25 civilians and injured 30 others.

26-June-2022 Taliban gunmen killed six Hazara civilians and wounded two more in Ghor Province.

25-May-2022 Three magnetic bombs exploded in a TownAce minibus in Mazar-i-Sharif. killed 09 civilians, and injured 15.

24-May-2022 Magnetic bomb in a Toyota Town Ace killed 4 and injured 8 others in Naqqash area of Barchi, West Kabul

30-April-2022 Magnetic bomb blast in Toyota Coaster near Dehbori Squire killed 3 passengers

28-April-2022 Magnetic bomb blast in mini-bus in Mazar-e-Sharif – killed 11 civilians,and injured 13

27-April-2022 Dara-e-Suf district, Samangan province North Afghanistan killed 5 Hazara coal miners

21-April-2022 Se-dokan quarter in city of Mazar-e-Sharif – 28 killed and dozenes injured in bomb blast.

19-April-2022 Abdurahim Shahid School – Killed 25 and injured tens other

01-April-2022 Jibrail-e-herat – 6 killed and 25 injured in a bomb blast at a playground –

22-Jan-2022 Haji Abbas-e-Herat – Bomb blast in local bus killed 7 and injured 10 other.

17-Nov-2021 Magnetic bomb blast in minibus in “Shahid” intersection in Zone 3 Kabul, killed 2 and injured 7.

17-Nov-2021 Magnetic bomb blast in TownAce minibus in “Naqash” area in Barchi, Zone 13 Kabul, killed 4 and injured 2 people.

13-Nov-2021 Magnatic bomb-blast in a minibus in Mahtab-Qala Barchi, West Kabul, killed 4 civilians

08-Oct-2021 Kundoz – Explosion in Mosque in Sayedabad, Kunduz province – killed 68

23-Oct-2021 Khedir Daykundi. Taliban attacked one of Daykundi’s villages called Khedir, and killed 14 civilians

30-July-2021 Jaghori – A 8 years-old child killed by Taliban’s Mortar firing on Hoothqol…

15-July-2021 Malistan – 51 civilians killed under Taliban attack on villages of Malistan district, Ghazni province, Afghanistan

10-July-2021 Shirdagh Malistan. 4 civilians killed by Taliban in the village of Khoshhal, Shirdagh Malistan, Afghanistan

12-June-2021 Two explosions of magnatic bomb on a minibus, killed 7 and injured 6 others.

03-June-2021 Explosion in Minibus in Pool-e-Sokhta killed 4 and injured 7 others

01-June-2021 Explosion in a Toyota Coaster van in Sar-e-Karez, West Kabul killed 10, injured 12. Unknown

08-May-2021 Sayed-o-Shuhada Public School, West Kabul. Killed 85 Students, injured 147.