Comprehensive Report on Peaceful Demonstration Against Hazara Genocide in Afghanistan

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Date: Sunday, January 21, 2024

Time: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Vancouver Public Library, Downtown Vancouver


On Sunday, January 21, 2024, the Hazara Diaspora of Greater Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, organized a significant demonstration at the Vancouver Public Library in downtown Vancouver.
This event, collaboratively supported by Hazara communities in 31 cities worldwide, aimed to raise awareness about the Hazara genocide in Afghanistan and call for international intervention.

Organizing Collaboration:
The event was not only a local endeavor but a global collaboration, with Hazara brothers and sisters protesting in 31 cities around the world.
This united effort underscored the global concern for the Hazara community and their collective call for justice.

Bilingual Statements:
The event included statements in both English and Dari providing context and information for attendees and the broader audience.
The bilingual nature of these statements reinforced the inclusive message and targeted outreach to the Canadian government, international communities, and the Taliban.

Key speakers from our community delivered impassioned speeches, sharing personal stories and shedding light on the human impact of the Hazara genocide. The speeches effectively conveyed the urgency of the situation and the collective determination to bring about change.

Brochure Distribution:
Brochures were distributed during the event, outlining the reasons for the protest and detailing the atrocities forced on the Hazara community in Afghanistan. The informational material aimed to educate attendees and encourage further advocacy beyond the demonstration.

Purpose of the protest:

  • To Raise awareness about the brutality, violence, killings, forced migration of Hazara people, unjust Hazara women and girls arrest in Afghanistan.
  • To stand in solidarity with Hazara families who are victims of terrorist attacks, forced evictions, and unlawful abductions.
  • To call upon the Canadian Government to stand with the Hazara people in putting an end to these atrocities.
  • To a Global Plea to Recognize Hazara Atrocities as Genocide, and to Take Urgent Action to End this Tragedy.

The Hazara Diaspora of Greater Vancouver, in collaboration with Hazara communities worldwide, orchestrated a comprehensive and impactful demonstration on January 21, 2024. Through multilingual slogans, powerful speeches, bilingual statements, brochure distribution, and artistic expressions, the event successfully raised awareness about the Hazara genocide, fostering a global call for justice and solidarity.

Global protest Locations:

  • Canada: Calgary, Vancouver
  • USA: Washington DC, Salt Lake City Utah, Denver Colorado, Chicago
  • France: Paris, Strasbourg, Toulouse
  • Germany: Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Erfurt
  • Spain: Barcelona, Bilbao, Gijon
  • Sweden: Gothenburg, Stockholm
  • Norway: Oslo
  • Italy: Turin, Rome
  • Greece: Athens
  • Brazil: Sao Paulo
  • Portugal: Lisbon
  • Indonesia: Jakarta
  • Austria: Vienna

Resolution on Global Protests َagainst Hazara Genocide, January 21 2024

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